Our Story

Whatley Media Group is led by Jean Whatley, a versatile and engaging communicator equipped with the experience to deliver compelling content. With a rich communications background including broadcast journalism, politics, corporate communications and publishing, some might call her seasoned. Don’t. She’ll thump you on the head.

Our Peeps

Whatley Media Group right-sizes your project team, tapping into a network of highly talented and accomplished videographers, animators, producers, writers, graphic artists, web designers and still photographers, whom Jean has worked with from coast-to-coast and sometimes, even from bathrooms.

Core Capabilities

Video Production

Television and Film Production


Website Design & Content

editorial, direct mail, magazine, newspaper

Whatley Media Group is a collective.

We don’t have a building, or a sign, or a slick conference room with a leather couch and snacks. We’ll post up and post in those places. Initial meetings, we will come to you —conference room, coffee shop, even a dog park, if that’s where you do your most creative thinking. But we draw the line on hopping in the shower with you.